Farewell Bergmann’s Drycleaners


And so another Kensington establishment folds to the increased value of land, and the decline in appreciation for face-to-face genuine customer relationships.

First to go a few years ago was Mizell’s Lumber, just down the block. And now Bergmann’s (more recently known as KenCleaners) closes it’s doors.

Most fly by on Metropolitan Avenue, and likely don’t think twice about the looming change. While many folks will label the change as progress, I also label it as loss. Over the last decade, I’ve been greeted by the same two customer service reps. Daisy would greet me most every morning as I did drop-offs, and Amalia would be there in the afternoons and Saturdays when I picked up. They were always warm and gracious, and I’m certain that many other loyal customers experienced the same relationships with them. The loss of their employment selfishly means I lose two friends that I enjoyed seeing week in and week out.

Take nothing for granted folks, time’s, they are a-changing, and with progress comes a measure of loss.

Farewell Daisy and Amalia, your warmth and cheerfulness shall be missed.